Since SealNet has been formed, I am happy to express my gratitude and appreciation to those whose have involved directly and indirectly in materializing our dream in order to bind all researchers in ten ASEAN nations.  The nations are not only extremely rich in biodiversity, but also several unique species particularly in the lakes and riverine ecosystems.

To date, Research Center for Limnology-LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) has played a main role in supporting and encouraging aquatic researches focusing their research works, notably in Indonesian Lakes. Since Indonesia officially recorded ~804 lakes, therefore they lead the group in lake studies. The ASEAN ecoregion is known to harbor several endemic species such as Mekong catfish, Irrawaddy Dolphin and Crocodylus porosus. It should be noted that Mekong catfish wild populations are found in Mekong river. While Irrawaddy Dolphin populations are widely observed along the coastal water of Bay of Bengal.

In this message, I would be very happy if all the researchers in ASEAN work closely and show the spirit of friendship in order to achieve our target. Hopefully, SealNet will progress well in the future.

Former chairperson of SEALNET

Professor Mashhor Mansor (Universiti Sains Malaysia)