1. President : Prof. Mashhor Mansor, the representative from Universiti Sains Malaysia; His research interest is in Ecology Studies including ecology of
    plants etc.
  2. Vice President : Dr. Luki Subehi, the representative of Research Centre for Limno-
    logy – Indonesian Institute of Sciences. He is also an active scientist. Hillslope hydrology, Lake and water environment are his research Interest
  3. Executive Director : Prof. Wan Maznah Wan Omar, a Professor at School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Her field of research is on the ecological aspects of microalgae, particularly on the use of algae to infer water quality characteristics
  4. Treasurer : Ms. Adelina Santos-Borja, M.S., a Senior Researcher at Laguna Lake Development Authority, Philippines


Miratul Maghfiroh, M.Sc and Imroatushshoolikhah, M.Sc (Indonesia) – Dr . Muzzalifah Abd Hamid and Siti Norasikin Ismail, M.Sc (Malaysia)