The establishment of Southeast Asian Limnological Network was based on the fact that there is a a need to promote tropical limnology research and studies to such an extent. Recognition of tropical limnology studies should be as much important as that of subtropical and temperate ones.

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Our statement

The document contains the statement why we envision that the establishment of SEA Limnological Network is necessary. During The 16th World Lake Conference, the representatives from Southeast Asian Countries gathered together to support the initiation of this scientific organization.

Our statement

Welcome remarks

Since SealNet has been formed, I am happy to express my gratitude and appreciation to those whose have involved directly and indirectly in materializing our dream in order to bind all researchers in ten ASEAN nations.  The nations are not

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Vision and Mission


To be the host at their own region in the science of tropical limnology development


  1. Promoting research collaboration, training and knowledge exchanges
  2. Developing information systems
  3. Creating solid bond among scientists within Southeast Asian region on tropical limnological studies